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Raise Climbers

Raise Climbers manufactured by NPGM are used to drive vertical or inclined raises in underground mining operations.

Models KPV-4A and KPN-4A are designed for drilling and blasting of raises in underground workings in stable rocks in mines which are not hazardous for gas and dust. Design and manufacturing of the equipment is carried out according to the different technical requirements of mining companies, we adapt units of the Raise Climbers that meet their special mining conditions.

In the manufacturing of upgraded models KPV-4A and KPN-4A we use components of foreign manufacturers, according to customer's requirement Raise Climbers can be manufactured with electrical drive (instead of pneumomotors), and instead of communications equipment systems they can be equipped with portable radio station.

At our production site, ready-made raise climbers undergo a wide range of tests. To do this NPGM mounted overhead runway stand includes curved sections of the single rail and a straight line area. On this test stand we test operability of Raise Climbers, automatic hose winch, automatic emergency brake, and handbrake, monitor other construction units.

Due to its technical benefits and safety of use NPGM's Raise Climbers are widely used in mining enterprises in Russia, as well as in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Serbia, Albania, and Bulgaria.

Model KPU – Universal Raise Climber

This versatile model is used for driving of rises at the angle of 15 to 90°. There are some advantages of model KPN and KPV in a new design

Raise Climber KPN-4A

It is designed for driving vertical and inclined rising workings at an angle from 15 ° to 90 ° to the horizon

Raise Climber KPV-4A

It is designed for vertical rising workings at an angle of 60 ° to 90 ° to the horizon

Drilling Platform BPO-20 for clearing work in mines