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MSZU-14-NPB is a multipurpose machine, that has the ability to manufacture ANFO, Heavy ANFO and emulsion explosives.

The product is discharged using a side-mounted sweep auger, or is pumped into a hole using a loading hose which makes this truck universally applicable. The charging method depends on the explosive type.

Technical specifications:
  Manufacturing of ANFO, heavy ANFO (using a discharge swinging feeder) Manufacturing of water-resistant emulsion explosives (using a discharge hose reel)
Load carrying capacity (explosive), t 14 14
Maximum production capacity, kg/min 300 250
Overall dimensions/max, mm  
Length 10092
Width 2550
Height 3678
Net vehicle weight, kg 18900
Gross combination Weight, kg1 at least 32900
Type of explosive ANFO, heavy ANFO, emulsion explosives (100% emulsion, 70% emulsion/30%ANFO), prilled explosives

1- depend on chassis type