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Modular Portable Emulsion Plant MMTL for the manufacture of emulsion explosive components

Modular Portable Emulsion Plant is capable of:

  • receiving, preparing and refining primary components into non-explosive semi-finished products for emulsion explosives;
  • preparation emulsion and other emulsion explosive components;
  • loading of non-explosive components in Mixing-Charging Trucks (MCTs) production of "mixed on the job" blasting agents.


Components and types of Modular Portable Emulsion Plants:

MMTL is built to fit into standard-size containers to facilitate transportation to, and installation at remote sites. Each unit is equipped with an environmental and lighting system, as well as a security and fire alarms set.

Modular Portable Emulsion Plants can be equipped with:

  • a cartridge production unit of different diameters;
  • special equipment for emulsion explosive components production;
  • preparation unit for safety emulsions (3-5 classes), which is used in gas and dust hazardous underground mines.


Possible location for emulsion plant on a manufacturing site*

 Modular Portable Emulsion Plant MMTL consists of:

 1 - emulsion/ANS (Ammonium Nitrate 80% Solution)/fuel phase production module

 2 – GGA (Gas-Generating Additives) and hot water production module

 3 – Ammonium Nitrate bin with auto feed system

 4 – emulsion storage tank (22m³)

 5 – administrative module with control panel 

 6 – laboratory module



*possible option of relocation for emulsion plant of 250kW


Key benefits:

  • major construction work is not required;
  • highly inflammable liquids are not in use;
  • an automatic control system providing 24 hour production;
  • energy costs are reduced by a high efficiency induction heater;
  • phased production increase is possible;
  • providing comprehensive raw material components supply chain for the enterprises, constructed with the use of the technology developed by NIPIGORMASH, and of spare parts for the technological equipment, MCT and Modular Portable Emulsion Plant MMTL;
  • emulsion plant is delivered ready for operation;
  • cost effective blasting by cutting costs for explosives production.